What I learned about Olivia Pope (SCANDAL-Season 3, Episode 2)

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Olivia Pope

SHE drinks the good stuff – “FINE WINE.” I know, I know… of all the character development and background information given about Olivia tonight, that is what stood out to me.  All kinds of bells and whistles went off in my head. This episode (Season 3, episode 2) revealed that her dad taught her how to love red wine. *RECAP* So Olivia’s dad offers her a glass of wine and she originally refuses, stating that she doesn’t drink wine (This is certainly a flashback, because Olivia Pope has had a bottle present in almost every episode -#nojudgmentzone).  Anywho, her dad’s comeback to her wine refusal is “You don’t like wine because you haven’t had a FINE WINE”.  What is your next question???  “So, what’s a fine wine?”

Olivia Pope Wine Glasses

Liv’s Red Obsession

Fine wines are considered to be produced from the highest quality grapes,  grown in the best vineyards around the world,  and manufactured by renowned winemakers.  This artisanal style of winemaking, the French call terroir (a combination of climate, soil, drainage and the hand-of-man) has for centuries created  wines that are complex well-structured, beautiful in color and aromatic. FYI, the prices of these wines start somewhere between $30-$50 and go up from there.  Hence, I understood the need for the sexiest wine glasses that I ever wanna see.  They were gorgeous DAHHHHLING!!!  (Crate and Barrel). The stems of these glasses are long enough to walk an NYC fashion week runway.


Tonight’s lesson…Olivia’s ability to handle the pressures of Washington D.C. is due to her Fine Wine Obsession.  No huge surprise, as a woman in a category of her own, is fit for only the best!  Here’s to you, Liv…  (This Olivia Pope Party Wine Glass on etsy is a fabulous way to share a glass of vino with her!… to Olivia!)

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Many of you that have found my blog are searching for the type of wine that Olivia Pope drinks, meaning the name of the label on the wine…  I doubt that the producers of the show will reveal the wine label.  However, check out my last scandal blog about fine wines.  My best advice is try, try, try until you find your fit. If you like fruity reds, start with Zinfandel or Pinot Noir.  If you like more earthy, leather dark fruits try Petite Sirah (my fave) or Cabernet Sauvignon!  Remember, not every one tastes the same…part of the fun in wine tasting is in the experimenting!